“A person’s views are either necessary or superfluous,” said Sammler. “The superfluous irritates me sharply. I am an extremely impatient individual. My impatience sometimes borders on rage. It is clinical.”
“No, no, Papa.”
“However, It is sometimes necessary to repeat what all know. All mapmakers should place the Mississippi in the same location, and avoid originality. It may be boring, but one has to know where he is. We cannot have the Mississippi flowing towards the Rockies for a change.”
Saul Bellow, Mr. Sammler’s Planet (1970), Penguin Books, 1976, 182-183.



About hadasyossifon

I am a contemporary art curator and researcher based in Tel Aviv. I collaborate with artists of interdisciplinary media to develop artistic projects and exhibitions within the scope of politics and the world of art.

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