All Of Us Are Already Gone

ALL OF US ARE ALREADY GONE is the title of a photographic series,
monthly during the past year (2013) on the international online
Les Chroniques Purple. The series was initiated by editor Elein Fleiss and
realised by photographer Amit Berlowitz and myself. It unfolds twelve
contemporary individual stories of women who lived through the Holocaust.
The title is taken from the interview with Orna Birnbach (Blauner), first
portrait of the series.

Les Chroniques Purple, 06 
February 2013

Judith Jaegermann FEB 2013

I was born in 1929 in Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia, youngest of three girls. My
parents, who originated in Poland, were very religious and held a kosher
restaurant, famous for its high-quality food and service.

The early years of my youth were spent in German concentration camps, in
Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen. Being with my mother was
the thing that kept me alive, the possibility of holding her hand through those
pathways of hell. Without her I wouldn’t have made it. My mother, my two
sisters and I, miraculously survived, but my father, to whom I was very much
attached, died in the horrendous concentration camp for men, Buchenwald, two
weeks before the liberation.

At 16, I registered with a transport organized by Youth Aliya bound for Palestine.
When we arrived the British took us to a detention camp in Athlit, where we
were held for three months. Being so young, I could not understand how British
soldiers who had liberated us from the German camps and brought us back to
life, could now once again detain us. I cried day and night unable to accept it.

I married my husband at the age of 17. In 1951 we opened a photo shop in Tel
Aviv and we worked together until a few years ago.

No one in Israel, including my elder sister and my husband, wanted to hear what
I had endured, and that was incredibly painful for me. As one of the last
survivors still alive, I see it as my duty to tell my story. I have been lecturing for
over 30 years in schools and institutions in Israel and abroad. I have also
published a book, My Childhood In the Holocaust which I hand out freely.

These days I feel awfully lonely. It was very lively when the children were around
but now I am alone. Telling my story to young adults fills me with hope that they
will be good ambassadors for our generation which is now coming to its end.

– Photo by Amit Berlowitz / Interview by Hadas Yossifon


About hadasyossifon

I am a contemporary art curator and researcher based in Tel Aviv. I collaborate with artists of interdisciplinary media to develop artistic projects and exhibitions within the scope of politics and the world of art.

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